China Consulate in New York

Consulate of China in New York

China Consulate in New York

Diplomatic representation of China. Information on consular services of the Consulate of China in New York. On this website you will find general information about the Consulate of China in New York.

Contact details of the China Consulate in New York


Chinese Consulate General in New York, the United States - 520 12th. Avenue - P.O.Box 1007 - New York - New York 10036 - United States

Telephone Number:

(+1) 212-244 9392 and (+1) 212-244 9456

Fax Number:

(+1) 212-5020258




Zhang Qiyue - Consul General

Office Hours:


Consulates in New York

New York is the most populous city of the US state of New York.

Many consulates in New York provide a wide range of consular services to New York citizens as well as foreigners located or visiting New York for tourist purposes or business activities.

When you are in New York and in need of consular assistance from the China consulate you should contact them directly.

Assistance by the China Consulate in New York

For additional consulate information please contact the China consulate directly. When there is no China Consulate located in New York you can either contact a consulate in a neigboring state or contact the embassy in Washington. We provide general data about the Foreign Consulates in New York and we have no association with the New York Consulates featured on this site.

Consulates located in New York - In the United States a single Embassy of foreign (or guest) countries is not large enough to handle all the essential services countrywide provided by an Embassy. Hence, the need for smaller, regionally located branches, which are called Consulates, enabling local residents and guest country nationals diplomatic assistance at local level. A New York Consulate can be likened to branch offices or satellites of the foreign country's Embassies themselves, which, typically, are located in Washington DC. A New York Consulate would usually be headed by an ex-patriate national and frequently engaging local staff.

Assistance by a New York consulate - As well as firstly promoting the interests and image of the representing country, a New York Consulate would usually offer the majority of services provided by their parent Embassy in Washington, but at local levels for convenience, often giving more rapid service, such as in the provision of new and replacement passports, issuing of visas, together with all aspects of other general consular services available to New York citizens. For all consular matters and for additional consulate information please contact the New York consulate office directly either by email or phone.