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  Hotels versus Resorts in New York

When you are traveling to New York you need to book a place where you will be staying. When you search through our booking engine, you will find a long list of hotels and resorts in New York from which you can make your own choice. To choose the best suitable place to stay it is handy to know the difference between a resort and a hotel.

Hotels as well as resorts offer lodging for stay for a short period of time, sometimes a few days or a few weeks. In both resorts and hotels the rooms provide a standard list of amenities and facilities that will make your stay comfortable. The prices and rates of the rooms in a resort or a hotel are often determined by how many stars the hotel or resort has. The amount of stars is based on surveys and evaluations made by third party hotelsurveyors.

Hotels in New York

The basic purpose of hotels is to provide rooms and a place to stay for people that mostly travel for a short period of time. Hotels often offer more than only a place to sleep. Most hotels have facilities such as a restaurant, a swimming pool, a tour desk, business facilities, conference rooms and much more.

Resorts in New York

Resorts however often provide more than a place to sleep for a short few days. Resorts are often placed near natural surroundings so they can offer much more facilities than hotels. Mostly, resorts have nice gardens or beach terraces, more than 1 swimmingpool, outdoor activities, more than 1 restaurant and much more in order to provide a variety of different activities for the people who stay there. This means that resorts often cater to travelers who stay longer than a few days.

When you book a hotel or resort in New York please check the facilities offered by the hotel or resort so you can determine yourself which hotel or resort suits the best with your own specific wishes.


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